Talk, talk, talk

I'll give three talks this month and next month. One is at National Institute of Genetics on November 24th. It is a conference organized by Dr Kawakami. The second is at BMB2015 on December 1st. It is a workshop organized by Drs Takeuchi and Tamori. The third is a seminar hosted by Dr Azuma at Kobe University on December 10th. 


I'm hosting two seminars by my Berkeley friends next week and the week after next. One is by Yuji Yamazaki and the other is by Dong-Yuan Chen. This is my first time to see them since I came back to Japan. The next two weeks will be super exciting for me.


Almost five months have passed since I started my lab at Riken. Time flies so fast. Now I started to do some experiments myself. Experiments are always fun.