Sa Kan Yoo

I went to Kobe University School of Medicine in Japan and learned perspectives in human medicine. Although I was not a great student on the wards, it was extremely lucky that I could get intensive training of cell biology at Dr. Yasuhiro Minami’s lab. I pursued approaches of performing cell biology in vivo using zebrafish at Dr. Anna Huttenlocher’s lab during my Ph.D study at University of Wisconsin-Madison. I investigated how cells respond to tissue injury in zebrafish. As a postdoc, I joined the Hariharan lab of UC-Berkeley, being attracted to advanced genetics in Drosophila. I investigated mechanisms of tissue repair and oncogenic stress using Drosophila and zebrafish. I started my lab at RIKEN Kobe in July 2015. My long-term goals are to obtain fundamental insights in biology and to develop great, independent scientists.

神戸大の医学部在学中に、南康博ラボで、実験をして、研究の面白さを知りました。そのあと、UW-MadisonのAnna Huttenlocherラボで、ゼブラフィッシュを使い、免疫細胞・上皮細胞の傷への応答を研究をして、PhDをとりました。ポスドク先のUC-BerkeleyのHariharanラボでは、主にハエを使って、組織修復と癌ストレスの研究をしました。2015年7月に、理研神戸キャンパスのCDB内にラボを立ち上げました。8年ぶりの日本で(2015年現在)、色々新鮮なことが多いのですが、楽しみながらやっていきたいです。ラボでは、ナイスなサイエンスをするのと同時に、グレイトなサイエンティストを育てることを目標とします(正確には、サイエンティストが育つような環境を提供する)。

Tomomi Takano

I entered the graduate school of science at Kobe University after I had worked at a company, because I was fascinated with impressive biological phenomena. I studied a brain function (phototaxis) using planarians during my Ph.D study. After I obtained Ph.D, I studied organogenesis using C.elegans as a technical staff and a postdoc. Now, this is my first time to use Drosophila and zebrafish. I think this is a great opportunity to explore a new field while getting new skills. In my free time, I enjoy going to the beautiful sea.


Hiroshi Nishida

I studied the mechanism of hematopoietic stem cell maintenance by using Drosophila at Shoko Nishihara’s lab during my master's course at Soka university. I’ve been surprised and impressed by this great environment at CDB. I'm looking forward to enjoying science at Yoo lab.

学部、修士時代は創価大学、西原祥子教授のもとで、ショウジョウバエを使って造血幹細胞の未分化性維持機構について研究していました。理研CDBでの生活は、とても新鮮で毎日いろいろと感動しています。これからYoo labで楽しい研究生活を送っていきたいです。

Hanna Ciesielski

Nature in all its complexity is amazing and we still do not completely understand it. I will always be impressed of how a single cell develops into a complete organism. I want to know more about the fascinating signaling network of this process as well as how tissue homeostasis is maintained and responds to environmental conditions within lifetime. During my master's at the LMU Munich I studied cell death and mitochondrial dynamics during embryonic development in C. elegans in Barbara Conradt's Lab. Now I am grateful to enjoy the scientific atmosphere at CDB and I am looking forward to doing some great research in the Yoo Lab using Drosophila.


Ayaka Sasaki

I am a student at Kwansei Gakuin University. This is my first time to use Drosophila. I want to have a fulfilling academic life here.



Morihiro Okada

I started to do research at Dr. Katsutoshi Yoshizato's laboratory and got Ph.D at Dr. Yoshio Yaoita's laboratory at Hiroshima University. Then, I joined Dr. Yun-Bo Shi’s laboratory at NIH as a postdoctoral fellow. I spent 11 years in the frog research field focusing on metamorphosis. I felt that I was in a state like “a frog in a well knows nothing of the great ocean”. Thus, I changed my research field from frogs to flies in order to learn genetics in Drosophila. I'm looking forward to learning new techniques and doing unique research in the Yoo lab.

広島大学の吉里勝利先生の研究室でカエルの世界に足を踏み入れて以来、両生類研究センターの矢尾板芳郎先生、NIHのYun-Bo Shi博士の元で合計11年間、オタマジャクシがカエルにダイナミックに体を作り替える“変態”現象に着目して研究を進めてきました。カエル一筋の研究人生で“井の中の蛙大海を知らず“状態でしたが、心機一転、ショウジョウバエの世界に足を踏み入れました。Yoo研では新しい手法を習得するのに加えて、ユニークな研究をしたいと思っております。


Aya Fukuhara

I was born and raised in Okayama. I am currently a student at Okayama University and I love the white peach grown in Okayama. I like seeing pictures and movies of mysterious animals, such as jellyfish and sea slug, in my free time. I might feel a little nervous in the lab in the beginning because I will experience a lot of new things for the first time. But I will do my best without fearing too much.


Khadija pic.jpg

Khadija Agossif

Since I was a child I wanted to be a mechanical engineer. Yeah, I had keen interest in machines, automobiles... I always wondered what happens under the hood of a car, how does it work, how does the engine itself work. When I studied Biology in University I tried to find similarities with my childhood interest so I can enjoy it more. So catabolism, in which the cell breaks down complex molecules to produce energy, was just the same as converting gas into motion. After that I started getting fascinated by Biology. Living organisms, from unicellular to multicellular, with all functions accomplished by cells such as protein synthesis, replication growth and metabolism are a wonder. It is a mystery how all processes occur in that small unit of life called “cell”. And what amazed most is when the organism is exposed to stressful conditions, the cell undergoes a number of mechanisms of escape and those of resistance by avoidance or tolerance. Understanding such mechanisms is one of the reasons to join YOO lab.


Mihoko Katayama

I joined the lab in September of 2017. I studied science at a university but I'm learning biology for the first time. I will do my best.




Lynna Yang

Hi everyone! I’m an American-born Chinese who was raised in Kobe. I graduated from the University of California, Berkeley, with a Bachelors of Arts in Molecular and Cell Biology. During my time at Berkeley, I studied the mechanism behind cataract formation in mice. I’m extremely grateful to be a part of such a fun, academic environment here at RIKEN, and am thoroughly enjoying the science and the company of my fellow members at the Yoo Lab! 


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